Regional Updates in Education and Labor

August 25, 2018, Gerry Roxas Training and Convention Center, Roxas City

This is a series of activities that Smp Natow conducts in the country as it empower teachers and office workers through education, affiliation, negotiation, and collective bargaining. Sis. Milagros Ogalinda, Smp Natow Secretary General, amplifies the current labor situation in the Philippines.

Accordingly, workers can further improve themselves and their living and working conditions through unionism. She also claimed that private and public schools could be flagged "alarmingly red" in terms of occupational safety and health. More so, labor standards are not well complied by some private institutions.

Bro. Joseph Jovellanos, Smp Natow President, discusses the legal bases of unionism and its status in the academe.

"We must give protection to workers. They are the primary social economic force. The constitution stipulates it. The law says it so. In reality, however, they are not because they have chosen not to be. Thus, we need to unionize. We need to empower ourselves."