Regional Legal Updates on Education

28 July 2018, Brentwood Apartelle, Baguio City

Engr. Leonora Velasco Fermin-Quarte, Vice President of Smp Natow gives welcome remarks and administrative info. The regional legal updates which also cover social issues and legislations are conducted nationwide to educate and empower teachers and offfice workers.

Sis. Milagros Ogalinda, Smp Natow Secretary General and Tucp Kmp Ituc Vice President, discusses the labor situation in the Philippines. An empowered and pro-active woman leader in the academe and labor sector, Sis. Jhing brings her experiences and expertise to grassroots development of teacher leaders and office workers.

Dr. Joseph Jovellanos, Smp Natow National President, underscores the importance of bringing teachers and office workers together to combat contractualization, adversaries and ramifications of K+12, and globalized education. Bro. Joseph, as he is known to many, blends satires and sincerity in amplifying issues and concerns in the academe and labor.

Dr. Elmer Dacquel Noriega, Smp Natow Chair for Luzon, facilitates the afternoon session concentrating on problems brought about by K-12 and the solutions initiated by the unions and school managements.

Teachers and employees from participating unions beef up their knowledge and skills during workshop facilitated by Dr. Elmer Dacquel Noriega. The workshop is envisioned to benchmark on good practices and procedure put up by the school managements and unions to mitigate the impacts of K-12 law while the schools are in transition years.

What an entertaining and enlightening session! This best describes the learning and open forum that the participants had with Atty. Sixto T. Rodriguez, Jr. He discussed the contractualization in the academe and industry. Well discussed and elaborated, Atty. Popoy. Thanks for a new day of learning!