As a leader, I envision myself as an active member of the society working as catalyst of change that will create magnanimous impacts to the lives of the people – making themselves educated and empowered. I envisage a humane and just society where members are bounded with mutual trust, respect, cooperation & teamwork, sense of belongingness, and fair judgment.


Anchored on my vision, I desire for a world which is truly a global community where all systems work harmoniously, where there is unity in diversity. I aspire for a peaceful dwelling where all the habitats are supplementing and complementing each other. It would be an abode for everybody giving consideration and respect to individual differences in terms of abilities, convictions, inclinations, histories, and motivations. There, equality and equity are primordial concerns.

Given this world view, a highly effective and efficient leader must exist. Leaders must converge and maximize all the potentials of each member to contribute to the progress and development of the community. A good leader must invest to human capital.


I believe leadership is a mandate and goodwill. It is both a privilege and opportunity. Having this conviction, leaders must go beyond management. Here, we deal with human beings each with unique dynamism. Transform them. Leaders must always set an example. Their vision must be clear to all being led. Purpose and direction must be known beforehand. Remember, leadership entails clear vision so help the followers see the future you want. Leaders may come and go, so establish firm foundations of success. I value integrity, honesty, command & social responsibility, commitment, and compassion. I live what I believe. I do what I say. Truth, as I hold dear, will set us free for it is unquestionable. As a leader, I give more than what is expected of me – I always try to find time when there is none. I do not bargain lives with status quo and SOPs. Practice makes perfect. Practice makes permanent.  Excellence, ethics, and enjoyment practiced perfectly are bound to permanency – a culture in the making.