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Activity Updates

8th Education International Asia-Pacific Regional Conference
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SMP-NATOW delegates to the 8th Education International Asia-Pacific Regional Conference. Bro. Joseph V. Jovellanos, Sis. Milagros C. Ogalinda, Bro. Avelino S. Caraan, Jr., and Bro. Jepone Fajilan.

9 October 2017, Kathmandu, Nepal


EI / CTF / ASEAN Women's Network Project Committee Meeting
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Sis Milagros Ogalinda and Bro. Juanito Sarmiento attended a 2-day EI - AWN Project Committee Meeting sponsored by Canadian Teachers Federation.

7-8 September, 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


JILAF Invitation Program on "Exchange of views on Labour Situation"
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Sis. Ailene Montalban together with the 11 young leaders from 4 different countries participated in the JILAF program.

3-16 September, 2017, Tokyo, Japan


Forum on Magna Carta of Women
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SMP-NATOW spearheaded the Forum on Magna Carta of Woman in Davao City. The Forum attended by participants from EI-Philippine Affiliates: ACT, TOPPS, FFW and SMP-NATOW.

27 August 2017, Davao City

Regional Updates on Labor and Education
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Pleanary Session with Private School Teacher Leaders

26 August, 2017, Davao City

Forum on Magna Carta of Woman - NCR"
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SMP-NATOW spearheaded the Forum on Magna Carta of Woman in the NCR. The forum attended by participants from EI-Philippine Affiliates.

19 August, 2017, Richville Hotel, Mandaluyong City

News and Articles

Work One

MCW for a More-Caring-for-Women Workplace!

It took seven years of legislative debates for it to flap its wings and fly high! The Magna Carta of Women (MCW) started its evolution during the 12th Congress in 2002. After going through numerous debates and discussions, it was finally signed into law in 2009.

Work One


Come to think of it, a teachers’ lot has not quite improved over time. Some of them are seen selling all sorts of stuff in the premises of the school. Still, some of them probably go into another job after their teaching schedule if only to “make both ends meet” in this economic environment characterized by high prices...

Work One

Just my Perspective

As a leader, I envision myself as an active member of the society working as catalyst of change that will create magnanimous impacts to the lives of the people – making themselves educated and empowered. I envisage a humane and just society where members are bounded with mutual trust, respect, cooperation....

Work One

Why prefer redunduncy over retrenchment

The Republic Act No. 10533 was enacted in 2013. This is the “Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013”, which is popularly known as the K to 12 Program. The K to 12 Program covers Kindergarten and 12 years of Basic Education...

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