International Solidarity for Human and Trade Union Rights

July 16, 2019, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taguig City

The EI General Secretary, Dr. David Edwards and EIAP Regional Office Chief Coordinator for Asia Pacific Bro. Anand Singh are in Manila as part of a low-profile Council of Global Unions (CGU) fact finding mission to conduct an initial assessment of the labour and human rights situation in the country. Representatives of BWI, IA, PSI, IUF and ITUC likewise participated.

The mission has various meetings with the Philippine trade unions, parliamentarians, and human rights commission to discuss international solidarity and cooperation including a High Level International delegation later in the year.

NATOW Secretary General Sis. Milagros Ogalinda and Deputy Secretary General Bro. Avelino S. Caraan, Jr. represented the federation along with Alliance Concerned Teachers (ACT), Teachers Organization in the Philippine Public Sector (TOPPS), and the Federation of Free Workers (FFW)

Photo Credits: AS CARAAN